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Product Abstract:

250s.q.m. Compensator disposition

Product Description

250s.q.m. Compensator disposition

①This machine is one of the ordinary equipments using in ceramic factories. With the function of storing tile body for the kiln, it can compensate the gap when maintain or repair the glazing line or other equipments. By the effort of the compensator, it can satisfy the necessary of continuous tile entry, which can increase the capacity, stable the firing atmosphere and ensure the product quality. Generally speaking, it can adapt the requirements of producing 600 X 600,800×800 tiles and so on.

②The compensator is portal hanging-type, 4 upright posts with cross beam made of 6mm thick plate and the hanging fence made of rectangle square pipe. The elevating break motor is worm gear reducer with chains driving. Four sides are bearing-guiding and the middle is form of rectangle square pipes. The general rigidity is good and the structure will be simple but compact. The photoelectric swatches, closing switches are position-fixed and travel switches are under protection, moreover, they are inter-lock controlled with kiln roller table so that it can have the characters of reliable action, stable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

③The portal-hanging frame structure, upright post and cross beam are made of 6mm thick cold-rolled steel with beautiful appearance. Its bending strength is high. Hanging fences are 30*20 square pipe. The total height of the compensator is 6800mm.

④Effective width:2960mm, effective tier:43, tier distance:80mm, work area: 3310mm×2960mm

⑤tile size of compensator: 600×600,800×800mm,capacity250㎡(calculate as 600×600 tile、each layer store 16 pcs tile)

⑥Motor power:7.5kw, intaly-made break motor, 1” double chain elevating, bearings are Fujian-made.     

⑦The table under compensator seperated to 3 sections for controlling, much effective for entry or exit compensator.

⑧With weight balance to reduce the load of motor and keep stable running.

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